Nitrous Oxide Abatement Catalyst – “Magic Bullets”

Global warming or greenhouse gases- have become somehow familiar words to us. A motto has been selected for people working on environmental issues: Come forward and save your world’. The most vulnerable global challenge the engineers facing these days is ‘Global Warming’; the main goal for the present and future generation is to reduce the level of greenhouse gases in atmosphere. To reducing emission economically and safely YARA CHEMICAL CO. has come forward with their latest technology and outstanding idea of “N2O abatement catalyst’’, which is also termed as ‘Environmental magic bullets’. It is well-known that one of the main sources of greenhouse gases is Nitrous oxide (N2O) which is 200 to 300 times more effective than carbon di oxide (CO2) and exceptionally long lifetimes (lasting up 150 years).

YARA CHEMICAL Co. (Head-quarter: Oslo, Norway) is operating in 50 countries; with 7600 employees, YARA is the world leading chemical company pro-ducing nitrogen fertilizers.


It has been found from the survey that one of the major sources of N2O is Nitric acid plant. Catalyst pellets starts its function from the first stage reactor of a nitric acid plant where ammonia is burnt. The main components of these catalysts are cobalt and cerium oxide which have life spans of 3 to 5 years.


According to Bjarne Olai Vik, Head of the YARA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE, ‘the very big advantage for this technology is that it can be installed in old factories. You don’t need any modification or additives and factory can be run just as it was before. So our only chance is to create technology that makes it possible to have both economic growth and development and to do it cleanly. So it is an example.’

Truly this is a good example and the company deserves appreciation for their environment friendly product. We are waiting for the promised benefits of this bullet towards the environment!


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