INEOS – A young chemical company

A young chemical company, Castner Kellner Alkali Co. Ltd started its journey from nearlythe 1890’s with the production of caustic soda, became INEOS in 1998 and is now a global manufacturer of petrochemicals and oil at 60 manufacturing plants in 13 countries. It is the largest privately owned chemical company in the UK, headquartered in Lyndhurst, Hampshire and the third largest chemical company measured by revenue after BASF and Dow Chemical.  INEOS technology, part of INEOS group is the leading developer and licensor of chemical technologies, catalyst, additives and components. A customer focused company, INEOS has been strictly following the safety, health and environmental rules and has already been awarded several times for its excellent culture of environmental issues, which are averred by  the current chairman Jim Ratcliffe through the slogan, “Safety is our first priority’’.  The company has flourished from the presence of many experts from the leading chemical companies including BASF, Bayer, Borealis, BP, Degussa, DOW, Norsk Hydro and Solvay.

Among the various technologies, INEOS Bio seems to be the most advanced business of the INEOS group. This technology has emerged with the idea of renewable energy to fight with one of the biggest challenges of the future – energy crisis. From the wide range of low cost carbon materials, it has introduced a new technology for production of advanced biofuel. Recently, INEOS Bio and New Planet Energy have come together  to build INEOS New Planet Bio Energy, at Florida USA, which is the first large scale advanced bio energy project to produce eight million gallons of bio fuels and nearly six megawatts of renewable power, annually.



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