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Industrial & Process Engineering Services (IPES)

It’s a dream, and you have to dream a dream to make it happen”- Dr. Engr. Jasimuz Zaman, Chairman of IPES, Industrial & Process Engineering Services.

Industrial & Process Engineering Services (IPES) is a new engineering company in Bangladesh with high hope and professional commitment to provide engineering services and solutions to the local industries. It is a venture of the alumni of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). IPES has started its journey on March 28, 2011 with a view to help entrepreneurs and companies setting up new industrial facilities for products and processes with protection of the environment and sustainability of the resources. It also offers services to the industries to revamp existing facilities and work with efficiency and profitability.


The goal of IPES is to commercially promote the local developed companies and bring new or developed technology wherever possible. To meet this goal, IPES has framed itself with professionals having outstanding knowledge and experience in industry, business and academia. It is led by a team of directors with impeccable professional competence and integrity. It has a pool of engineers having experience in oil and gas, fertilizer and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, industrial ceramics, pharmaceuticals, power plant engineering, glass and ceramics, water treatment and pollution control, innovative engineering fabrication, and power system design. IPES’ experts have direct experience in Feasibility studies, Bid preparation, Bid evaluation, contracts development, Process design, Construction and fabrication, Plant operation and maintenance, Technical audit and balancing and modernization of process industry and utility sector- in particular, ammonia plants, urea plants, refineries, gas transmission and distribution pipelines, large power plants, glass and ceramic industries, small and medium chemical industries, and water, waste water and effluent treatment facilities. The work quality, to be based on ISO 9001, is most important to the company.


IPES is promised to keep its lineage with excellence and integrity, highest standards of ethics, pioneering spirit, and leadership in multiple business, end to end solution, and world class quality. To maintain these properties it will work with experts available in the universities and organization in the country. It will also link with reputed companies regionally and internationally. IPES has the further advantages of seeking expertise of Non Resident Bangladeshis in USA and other countries.


IPES has started its journey with a dream and enthusiasm to build up a challenging environment in Bangladesh, especially in the field of chemical engineering. The chemical industries in Bangladesh are mostly dependent on the foreign technology and know-how. Most of the industries are established here on turnkey basis. The company has started its mission with a vision to be country’s industrial leader in Engineering and industrial services by developing and implementing innovative and quality assured solutions to clients to enable them remain in the competitive edge of business. IPES believes that enthusiasm must be supported by commitment. The company is committed to offer Quick response, Quality work, and Client satisfaction. The key formula to reach the dream is to work hard and work smart that lead the way to success. To flourish this dream and make it into reality IPES invites engineers, alumni and related personnel for their help in the following ways:

. Enrolment as a resource person in specific areas of interest
• Creating link for IPES with established engineering companies
• Finding projects for IPES
• Finding outsourcing jobs for IPES
• Providing link with alumni of other disciplines
• Providing link with companies you are familiar with
• Providing marketing and promotional ideas


Engineering Solutions: Engineering Design, Planning, Review, Improved Material uses, Corrosion Mitigation, Problem Diagnostics, Plant Inspection, Reliability, Safety, Risk & Environmental Analysis, Energy Analysis and Conservation, Control and Instrumentation.

Work Management Consulting: Contract Evaluation, Third Party Supervision, Business Re-engineering, Managing Outsourcing and Developing Quality Management and Technical Audit.

Technology & Research: Developing New Technology, Selection of Technology and its application to the specific requirement, Carrying out Industry Specific Research and its application.

Skilled Manpower Development: Engineer, Operator and Technician Training, Skill Development and Design of suitable Training Courses.

Energy Improvement: Evaluation and Selection of efficient energy process with renewable energy options, Energy Audits.

Design and Electrical Installation: Designing of electrical installation and substation of industries, commercial complexes and tall buildings.

Project Construction: Project Planning, Procurement, Inspection and Quality Control, Supervision of Project Implementation.

Equipment Design: Pressure vessels, columns and towers, heat exchangers, steam generators, waste heat recovery boilers and economizers, tanks and gas holders, air cooled condensers and gas coolers, pumps and condensers, preparation of engineering specification systems, scrubbers, cyclones, piping and instrumentations.

Piping Engineering: Preparation of P & I diagram, Pipe size and pressure drop calculations, Preparation of schedule for piping valves, Instrument and insulation, Sizing and selection of pumps, control, Valves, safety valves, steam traps, expansion bellows, etc, Preparation of plot plant, Preparation of equipment lay out plant and elevation.

Electrical Engineering for Power Plants & Process Plants: Detailed electrical schematic diagrams for LV/HV/EHV systems, Substation, switchyard design and engineering, earthing system design and layout drawing, lightening protection design, Design of power factor improvement systems and harmonic studies, Area classification, EL cable selection, design and routing in trays/trenches, Protection system analysis and design, Control philosophy and interface with DCS/PLC system, Specifications for procurement items, Cable schedule and interconnection charts, Relay coordination calculation and reports, Lighting system design & layouts, Emergency/stand by supply system.

Manufacturing and Production Facility Design: Improving productivity, reducing waste, innovating in cost reduction, Quality improvement and delivery methods, better space utilization, establishing the right manufacturing processes


Industrial & Process Engineering Services Limited (IPES Ltd.)
223/B, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

Telephone: (88) 02-988 0592
(88) 02-882 8924
(88) 02-881 2304
Website: http://www.ipesbd.com
Email: ipes@ipesbd.com [1]



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