ICChE 2011 Poster Competition

Fauzia Sultana

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There was an air of eagerness, anxiousness and surely competitiveness on the morning of ‘ICChE 2011 Poster Competition’, held on 30th December, 2011 at the Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET. One of the key attractions of 3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering (ICChE) 2011, this year’s student poster competition had 25 participating teams of 88 undergraduate students from different engineering departments. Jointly organized by the ChemicalBUET, BUET Chemical Engineering Forum (BCEF) and the Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE), BUET, the poster competition is a sheer reflection of the enthusiasm and interest of students in participating in multidimensional competitions. Participating teams were divided into two groups: Group A comprising of students of Levels 1 and 2, and Group B comprising of students of Levels 3 and 4. At the competition, participants exhibited and presented scientific, technical and engineering posters to the audience and the judges. Group A teams presented their posters on the cutting edge technologies of today, while Group B teams mostly exhibited posters on their thesis projects.  The panel of judges included academicians and researchers from international institutes including Texas A&M University (USA), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Kanpur, India), and University of Alberta (Canada). Teams were judged based on features including overall appearance and content of the posters, and the oral presentations made to the audience. There were in total six winning teams, three from each group. The names of the winning teams were announced at the end of the contest and all participants were given certificates of participation. The winning teams were awarded at the Closing Ceremony of the 3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering (ICChE) 2011. Dr. A.K.M.A Quader, Professor, Dept. of ChE and Chairman, ICChE 2011 gave away awards and certificates to the winners. Member of the organizing committee Munir Ahammad, Lecturer, ChE BUET and student volunteers Asif Hasan Rony and Md. Rifat Mahmud contributed in coordinating the competition. Dr. Mohidus Samad Khan (McGill University), Convener, ICChE Poster Competition 2011, was the moderator of the competition and award giving ceremony. With the joy of the elated winners and the appreciation from the conference attendees, the poster competition came to a fruitful end.

Moments from ICChE 2011 Poster Competition and Award Ceremony.

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