December 2013 [Volume-04, Issue-01]

ChE Thoughts Vol-04, No-01

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Welcome to the December 2013 (Vol-04, No-1) issue of ChE Thoughts.

Chemical engineering has long been appreciated as one of the most diverse fields in terms of research and applicability and this issue of ChE Thoughts justifies this idea very aptly. Although classical chemical engineering was developed keeping industrial progress in mind, basic concepts of chemical engineering are being brought up to date and in today’s world, these are applied across a wide variety of areas starting from production of basic chemicals to artificial organ development, and from nanotechnology to oil refining process. Chemical engineers are at the forefront of this rapidly growing field with the potential to propel the innovations from the laboratory to the household. For instance, for a biochemical engineer, a cell is essentially a highly complex and miniaturized chemical plant, whereas, many of the technologies that combat pollution are also created by chemical engineers. Environmental pollution, global warming, energy crisis, and emerging diseases are some of the global concerns now and international organizations as well as developed countries are investing more and more resources to win over the challenges surfacing every day. Chemical engineers have been playing significant roles in improving and resolving these issues successfully. Keeping these diverse contributions in mind, this issue of ChE Thoughts is designed to underline different facets of chemical engineering. We hope, the articles in this issue will be able to shed light on few nonclassical chemical engineering applications, especially in the context of developing countries like Bangladesh.


This issue of ChE Thoughts features an article on food safety that focuses on the chemical aspect of the artificial fruit ripening agents and their physiological consequences. This article further discusses the current scenario in light of current regulations regarding the use of these agents and controlling measures. In the Energy section, a continuing article on energy audit discusses the cost-effective solutions for the industry to combat the energy crisis considering growth of electricity and possible energy recovery alternatives for countries like Bangladesh. A short note in the Polymer & Cellulose section reviews an economically and environmentally useful approach to the recycle of cellulosic waste, especially for the paper mills. A brief discussion in Climate Change segment focuses on water foot print, a very important issue both locally and globally. In our Woman in ChE section, we had the privilege to talk to Dr. Syeda Sultana Razia, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, BUET, who has been an inspiration for engineering students and professionals. These articles reflect only few aspects of chemical engineering applications, however, we plan to have special editions on other emerging aspects such as process safety, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, etc. in the upcoming issues.


I hope this issue of ChE Thoughts will be well appreciated. Your suggestions and comments on ChE Thoughts are always welcome.



Shoeb Ahmed, Ph.D.


Dhaka, Bangladesh

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